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welcome to the website of my little (ad)venture. Languages are my passion, and I have been working as a translator, interpretor and tutor for several years: interpreting at conferences, translating articles, websites, books and other materials, and helping people learn English and Polish. For five years I have been writing about what fascinates me on my bilingual blog, dstp.rel.pl.

I’m a Polish native speaker, yet English became my second mother tongue, as it were,¬†since my studies and academic work immersed me in it almost completely. (I studied European Studies, Polish and European Law, and Political Philosophy/Theology.) When I moved to Holland, I started learning Dutch, to which I took instant liking. In my life, both private and professional, I constantly move within and between the realms of meaning defined by these three languages, and mediating between them, or bringing them together, so to speak, is something I do with joy, striving to accomplish my tasks as a translator and tutor with the greatest possible diligence and – for it’s also essential – creativity.

I offer translation of all sorts of materials from and into English, Polish and Dutch, interpretation (English-Polish and Polish-English) and tutoring (English and Polish).

Here you can find information about the prices. If you would like to receive an offer, please use this form or send me an email.

Yours truly,
Lukasz Liniewicz, LLM, MA


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